Zaman Park Residential Landscape Design
Mak architect's Zaman park Landscape project

Zaman Park Residential Landscape Design

PROJECT TITLELandscape Design
LOCATIONZaman Park Lahore
AREA8 kanal

MAK Architect’s design for the landscape of a 8 kanal house at Zaman park Lahore is a splendid marvel that leaves all who bear witness to the exterior decor awestruck. This genius design proves that MAK Architect is the best landscape design company in Pakistan. The landscape is an inviting natural wonder that blends in seamlessly with the house’s architecture, creating a living space that is environment-friendly, sustainable and gives a soothing effect to one’s soul.

The Zaman park house is located in a serene environment that demands peace and tranquility. The MAK Architect team paid close attention to detail to ensure that the outdoor living space aligned with these demands. With the 8 kanal land, the design team created a natural oasis with a balance of both active and passive living. The landscape design features an elongated fountain with two sitting that provide shade to the inhabitants, allowing them to relax and enjoy the scenery. The entrance walkway is lined with tall trees and beautifully manicured grass, welcoming visitors with a green carpet inspired by nature.

One striking feature of the landscape is the water bodies distributed all over the property. They include a natural-looking waterfall that flows down into a rocky pond that gives a picturesque effect to the garden area, an indoor koi pond, and a fountain that beautifully scatters its water flow creating a soothing sound of trickling water. The incorporation of these four water features is an excellent choice that brings a calming effect to the environment, making it the perfect place to unwind.

The property also features a stage area that creates an intimate space within the landscape and tells how excellent MAK Architect Landscape Services are. This area is in the form of an open-air living room with cushioned benches and a fireplace, providing the perfect spot for socialization, family time and relaxing in front of a warm fire.

Lastly, the landscape is lined with a mixture of tall trees, shrubs and colorful flowers that create an evergreen natural mélange throughout the year. The trees are intelligently placed to ensure that they do not obstruct the natural sunlight and air circulation flow, making it the perfect environment for plants to thrive and bloom.

In conclusion, this 8 kanal house at Zaman Park, Lahore is a perfect blend of stunning natural beauty, active and passive living spaces that create an immersive living environment. The design team has done an excellent job of creating a serene landscape that aligns perfectly with the environment’s peace and tranquility, making it the ultimate place for relaxation, entertainment and family bonding. The landscape is a masterpiece, and it’s safe to say that the team has outdone themselves. We have also created many landscape master pieces including an alluring 2 KANAL Residential Landscape In Lahore.