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Architect M Abdullah Khan

Founder Message (Ar. M. Abdullah khan)


The power of good design lies in its ability to enhance lives, communities and the built environment. The message is reflected in all of our projects, as we strive to create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but functional and sustainable too. We believe that every project is unique and requires a tailored approach to ensure it meets the client’s needs and fits seamlessly into its surroundings. The team at MAK Architect also believes strongly in collaboration with clients, stakeholders, and other architects to achieve the best results possible. With a deep appreciation for materials, craftsmanship, innovation, and technology, MAK Architect is committed to creating timeless designs that positively influence people’s lives.

Our Vision

We design spaces that are functional, beautiful, and sustainable

At MAK Architects, our vision is to create innovative, sustainable, and beautiful structures that stand the test of time. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of design and construction services, while promoting sustainability and social responsibility. We are committed to creating thoughtful, timeless buildings that represent the best in modern design and architecture. We strive to create spaces that are comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, while being mindful of our impact on the environment. Our goal is to ensure that our clients are proud of their investments and satisfied with the results.

Our Mission

Building a better place to work and play.

Mak Architects is a leading architectural design studio focused on creating inspired, sustainable spaces that contribute to the public good. We strive to create places that inspire people to live and work, while also considering the environment and the impact on the community. Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative solutions that are aesthetically pleasing, environmentally responsible, and cost effective. We believe in creating buildings that are timeless and sustainable, while also considering the needs of the people and environment around them. Through collaboration, creativity and hard work, we strive to create a better future for our clients and the community.

What We do

Lets work together to create something unique.

All of our projects are one of a kind.

MAK ARCHITECT’S is an architecture design firm based in the Pakistan. We specialize in designing innovative and sustainable buildings that reflect our clients’ visions. Our team of experienced architects and designers are passionate about creating unique and functional spaces that are custom-made to the specific needs of our clients.

Architectural Projects

Residential (custom homes, apartments, farmhouses), healthcare hospitality (hotel, resorts), commercial (mix-use building) shopping plaza, stores, shops, markets, banks, different offices. Front facade design, Elevation Design, Renovation Projects. Educational (school, College, University, Campus) Religious (mosques, Madrasas Church, Mausoleum) Recreational (Amusement Parks, Public Parks, Gym, Sports Complex, Community Center and other sports activities). Industrial Factory Master Plan, Offices, Factory, Warehouse etc.

Landscape Designing

Our Team have a great experience of designing and executing landscape design for farmhouses, hotels, homes, banks, hospital, housing society, public parks, lawns, roof gardens, patio landscape terrace landscape, backyard landscape etc.

Town Planning 

The concept of town planning is to provide a safe, healthy, peaceful environment, internally approachable, neighborhood interactive, privacy & accessibility of inhabitants, traffic controlling, commercial and public areas, through roads width and placements of parks, schools commercial area residential area and public buildings on roads. They has been designed according to the standards hierarchy and axis of roads, keeping in mind, the orientation to maintain the sustainability through sun light, wind direction and topography for natural drain slopes.

Our Creative Team