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Data Collection and Research

Data Collection and Research

In this section we collect all information related to the project and client’s requirement. It is useful in research which helps to forms the basis for any design project, be it a meeting with client, a site analysis or an desktop study about the history of the site.

These early stages of research and data collection are the basic core to developing the character of the project.


Site Analysis


During site analysis we keep in mind the climatic, geographical, historical, social, legal, and infrastructural context of a given site. It helps us to make a master plan zoning, placement of building blocks, material selection, orientation of the project.

Concept Development


A concept is an idea, a theory or opinion, but in architecture we describe a concept as ‘an approach’ to the design of a project. Architectural concept helps us to transfer our thoughts, ideas and philosophy on papers through sketches/drawings which explains client the basic building form, style, plans, sections and elevation to perceive the final product.

Architecture Drawings


After finalizing the design proposal next phase is to start the Architectural Drawings which includes key plan, master plan, all floor plans, sections, elevation, landscape spaces, furniture layout and working drawings.

Structural Engineering

Our registered professional Structural engineers prepare Structural drawings with their experience and analyze them on latest software. While designing we keep in mind the soil condition of the particular  area and structural dead or live load, seismic calculation, wind load and other related safety factors according to the project. The structure engineer also provides you with Structure Stability Certificate.

MEP Design

electrical drawings

Our professional team of MEP Engineers prepare MEP drawings eg. (Mechanical, Electrical, plumbing and HVAC) with accurate calculation of Electric wires, water pipes, drain pipes and ducts etc according to project. It also includes wiring of local Electricity, UPS, Generator and solar system. 

Budget Analysis

Budget concept

There are two types of budget calculations. One is lump-sum according to market rate, other one is “BOQ” Bill of Quantity a detailed calculation according to specification and material selection by Quantity Surveyor. It will tell us the accurate calculation of the budget according to current market rate.

Complete Drawing set

Complete Drawing set​

A complete drawing set for execution including all above mentioned drawings having all details on it of a project. It will help you during construction and after completion of a project.