NEW 2 KANAL Residential Landscape In Lahore
Mak Architect's 2 Kanal Residential

NEW 2 KANAL Residential Landscape In Lahore

PROJECT TITLEResidential Landscape
AREA2 kanal
CLIENTMr. Khalid (Prime Aluminium)

Our dedicated team of top architectural landscape designers designed an alluring 2 Kanal house landscape, located in the prestigious Lahore DHA. The architectural style of the house, and the scenic surroundings, combine to create an altogether exquisite ambience.

The elegant ground band that enfold the mighty house lawn add to the beauty of the landscape. The house, surrounded by lush greenery, boasts a spectacular placement of plants that reflects the tranquil and serene atmosphere. The landscape comprises of a perfect blend of natural elements such as plants, rock formations, water fountains, and an outdoor seating to create a peaceful retreat.

The house’s main entranceway is particularly breathtaking, surrounded by a plants, as if one is entering into an affluent palace. The courtyard, with its beautiful water feature, instantly relaxes the mind and transports one into a state of tranquility. The greenery surrounding the house, such as palm family trees and flowering bushes, adds to the natural beauty of the landscape.

Every aspect of the house landscape is thoroughly planned by MAK Architect, who strategized each section to fit perfectly with modern landscape designing requirements. Their design philosophy is to create spaces that prioritize the feeling it evokes while being functional. A perfect example of this is their attention to detail by placing thick grass rugs around the pool, which gives the impression of one walking on the plush grass in bare feet. This adds an element of comfort to the luxury of the house and makes it more appealing.

The outdoor seating area overlooking the pool is another area where one can relax and unwind. This area is designed to provide ample shade and comfort as the sun moves throughout the day. The abundant use of greenery provides subliminal messages of wellness and relaxation as well.

In conclusion, this 2 Kanal house landscape design created by MAK Architects is nothing short of outstanding. Each aspect of design and natural beauty is meticulously planned and designed to evoke a sense of tranquility and refinement just like our community center design project. It is an inspiring masterpiece that will have one admiring all of the details for years to come.