Housing Society Master Plan

Housing Society Master Plan

Project TitleNew Depalpur City
LocationDepalpur City, Near Okara.
Area62 Acre
ClientMr. Rana Hamid

MAK Architect, a renowned name in the field of designing and known for smooth design process. We have designed a 50-acre housing society at Depalpur, which is a mesmerizing blend of modernity and greenery. The housing society is so spectacular that it has transformed the living style of its residents with the provision of every basic facility they require to lead a comfortable life.

One of the unique features of this 50-acre housing society is that it has adopted a sustainable approach towards the environment. Meticulously designed parks, green spaces, and walking trails are proof of the society’s sustainable approach towards the environment. The housing society has managed to construct such spaces without disturbing or cutting down pre-existing natural vegetation.

MAK Architect has given great significance to the social aspect of the residents’ lives. The housing society has vast opportunities for socializing, with various recreational facilities provided. The facilities include a fully equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, a clubhouse with a range of indoor games, and outdoor games, such as basketball and tennis courts. Hence, the society offers citizens a chance to relax and enjoy healthy activities.

The housing society has a unique design, as it preserves and presents the architectural heritage of the region in contemporary style. The community center acts as the hub of the project, featuring commercial and recreational spaces combined with outdoor areas for everyday public use. Moreover, the developers have ensured additional facilities like a mosque, a shopping area, and community centers to provide every convenience for the residents.

Furthermore, MAK Architect’s 50-acre housing society at Depalpur offers its residents a safe and secure living environment with modern infrastructure tools. The society is equipped with basic necessities like gas, electricity, and sewerage. Additionally, it offers 24-hour surveillance with a dedicated and vigilant team of security personnel.

In conclusion, MAK Architect’s 50-acre housing society at Depalpur is a masterpiece, offering residents an exemplary way of living. The housing society took a sustainable approach towards preserving the environment, provides ample recreational facilities including indoor and outdoor activities, and offers safe and secure living to the residents. Finally, it was a smart move from MAK Architect to preserve the area’s architectural heritage in a contemporary style. These factors have made the 50-acre housing society at Depalpur an extraordinary project that generates a comfortable, luxurious, and elegant lifestyle. We did the same for a housing society master plan design in Khanewal.