Project TitleFactory Masjid
ClientMr. AHMAD

M. Abdullah Khan (MAK) Architects designed a factory mosque on Egyptian style, which is a perfect blend of modern and traditional architectural styles. The mosque stands as a symbol of cultural identity and religious significance for the factory workers and the local community. The mosque is designed in a manner that complements the industrial setting, yet it is seamlessly integrated with the traditional Islamic elements that make it a distinct architectural entity.

The mosque is constructed on the minaret system and takes its inspiration from the ancient Egyptian architecture. The design of the structure is inspired by the Great Pyramids of Egypt, which is evident from the stepped base and the sloping walls. The mosque is decorated with intricate geometric patterns, and Mashrabiya windows adorn its façade. The two minarets are placed on either side of the entrance.

The mosque has been awarded for its unique design, which has been executed with precision details. The intricate patterns and designs on the walls are carved in white marble and provide a contrasting effect to the mosque’s yellow tone façade. The interior of the mosque is equally impressive, with a magnificent chandelier hanging from the high dome ceiling. The prayer hall is spacious, with a carpeted floor, and the walls are covered with marble tiles.

The modern and traditional architectural elements used in the factory mosque are symbolic of the significant role played by religion in the industrial world. The mosque stands as a testament to the harmony that exists between religion and technology. The mosque also serves as a backdrop for inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogues that are essential in a world that is increasingly becoming more diverse. The mosque’s design creates a sense of peace and tranquility, which is essential for prayer and contemplation.

In conclusion, MAK Architects have succeeded in designing a masterpiece mosque that is one of our best modern and traditional architectural projects so far. The factory mosque is a testimony to the role played by religion in the industrial world and symbolizes the harmony between technology and religion. The intricate patterns and designs on the mosque’s walls are a testament to the architects’ precision and attention to detail. The mosque will undoubtedly stand the test of time and inspire future generations of architects and industrialists.