Area10 MARLA
10 Marla Design by MAK Architects

10 MARLA HOUSE DESIGN IN LAHORE DESIGN by our best architects with brown, grey, and white exudes elegance and sophistication with its eye-catching color scheme.

The exterior of the house boasts an awe-inspiring façade with clean lines, smooth surfaces, and a perfect mix of brown, grey, and white hues. The house features impressive geometric shapes, including rectangular forms, that create a symmetrical aesthetic. The color scheme is dominated by a mix of light and dark grey shades, with the brown accents providing a subtle contrast to the otherwise monochromatic palette.

The vast windows of the house create a bright and airy atmosphere that invites abundant natural light into the house while offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape. From the front entrance to the interiors, the design revolves around a minimalist vision that emphasizes clean lines, maximum efficiency, and ample natural light.

The interiors are just as elegant, boasting open-plan spaces that fit perfectly with the contemporary design of the house. The color palette is consistent throughout the interiors, with shades of grey pairing perfectly with the neutral white. The interiors feature a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary style elements that create a unique living space.

The living room is designed with impressive grey furnishings that complement the white walls brilliantly. The furniture is sleek, with clean lines, and the room’s understated décor creates a minimalist yet sophisticated atmosphere. The large windows and high ceilings add to the living room’s majesty, flooding the space with natural light and airy ambiance.

The kitchen features minimalist furnishings, which are elegantly set against the white walls, generating a serene atmosphere. Brown wood cabinetry, combined with grey and white surfaces, creates a perfect blend of earthy and neutral tones. The space is bathed in natural light from the large windows, and the sleek pendant lights over the kitchen island provide extra lighting, creating a warm yet airy atmosphere.

The bedrooms feature grey walls, with wood and brown accents that provide a subtle contrast to the otherwise monochromatic color scheme. The bathrooms are equally impressive, with a classic white color scheme that is paired with subtle brown wood accents, creating a serene atmosphere.

In conclusion, MAK Architects’ contemporary house design with brown, grey, and white represents a perfect balance between modernity and functionality. The color scheme, with its use of monochromatic shades of grey, brown, and white, creates an impeccable monochromatic palette that is both elegant and timeless. Every detail in the design is meticulously crafted, and the result of the design is a house that is both sophisticated and restrained in its elegance.